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Contact Email ID:  digitalads@hindutamil.co.in
Mobile: +91 99406 99402

Terms & Conditions

* For All Rich Media / HIFs, action scripts on close button, click to expand are mandatory.
* All innovations / Rich Media must have close button mandatorily.
* For Expandable we need static gif / jpg and two HTML5 file in expandable format.
* Interstitial will have frequency cap of 1 per user per day and expandale creative will have an auto expand frequency of 1.
* Runtime for Interstitial, Overlay, Monster Block MUST NOT exceed 10 seconds.
* Landing page URL should be separate & should not exceed 255 characters.
* To execute this needs an intimation at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled delay with the final (approved) creative.
* Scheduled run time for interstitial would be 24hrs starting 00:00am till 23:59pm
1. Costs indicated in the Release Order (RO) should be exclusive of all applicable taxes and levies.
2. Advertiser agrees to pay the publisher within or at the end of 60 days credit period from the date of invoice. If the payments are delayed beyond the credit period, then interest @ 18% PA will be applicable.
3. Only written cancellation and/or modification orders will be accepted. All orders should be sent directly to the attention of the - digitalads@hindutamil.co.in
4. Once the inventory is blocked for a particular Advertisement campaign, then the same cannot be cancelled / re-scheduled. The advertiser will be charged to the entire inventory that was blocked irrespective of whether it was consumed or not.
5. If for any unforeseen circumstances the ad campaign is paused, then the same has to be restarted immediately within 7 working days else the entire inventory blocked will be charged.
6. We expect to be paid for our services. We reserve the right to hold the advertiser and their advertising agency jointly liable for all costs associated with the collection of any amounts not paid in accordance with the payment schedule as set forth by KSL.
7. We do business with our clients under these Terms and Conditions. We are not bound by conditions printed or appearing on insertion order or instructions by advertisers that conflict with these Terms and Conditions without our written consent.
8. In case of events beyond our control including acts-of-God, action by any government entity, fire, floor, riot, explosion, national emergency, acts of terrorism or wa, or Internet or communications failure KSL shall not be responsible for non-delivery or other errors.
9. The advertiser agrees to keep the pricing, terms, conditions and contents of its advertising contract confidential and will not publicize or disclose the pricing, terms, conditions or contents of it to any third party without the prior written permission of KSL.